Plant A Magical Moon Garden With Flowers Blooming At Night

Moon flowersMost people are not aware that you can grow plants and flowers that bloom at night. Many night-blooming plants are white, and give a luminous appearance in the moonlight that will make any garden a whimsical beauty in the dark. If you plant these pretty flowers close to your house, you can open the windows and let their aromas put you to sleep.
There are several plants that open up at night. If you mix them in with regular day bloomers, you have a special 24 hour garden.
Plants that bloom at night:
Moonflowers bring a pleasant ethereal magic to the garden at night. Because they encourage us outside to see the flowers in all their glory, we experience our gardens in a different way than during daylight. Their magic is even more pronounced when there is a full moon bathing everything in moonlight. They release a slightly lemony scent when it opens up, and during the day the white flowers are tightly shut.Moonflower
Angel’s Trumpet are large shrubs or small trees. Their fragrant, trumpet-shaped, white flowers have a bell-like appearance when open in the evenings as they attract pollinating moths. Angel's trumpet

Casablanca Lily symbolise elegance, grace and glamour. Developed as hybrid of Oriental lilies, their large, scented flower is known for their richness, perfume, and texture.Casablanca Lily<
Dutchman’s Pipe Cactus is also known as the Queen of the Night or Night Blooming Cereus. The white flowers bloom only at night and they wilt before dawn. Flowers are very short-lived and last for 2 days.Dutchmans Pipe Cactus
Four o’ Clock flowers come in shades of pink, red, yellow, white and even bi-coloured. They open in late afternoon and close in the morning.Four o’ Clock<
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