Solar Panel Cleaning In The Winter

Solar panel cleaning in the winter

When you have a solar panel system set up, you can enjoy a lot of free energy. It is a great investment that will pay off even in a northern latitude like ours.
Plus, you can have backup power with a good battery bank, or even be totally off grid.

In the winter, however, there is snow cleaning involved, but it is not a bad activity … all you need is a long pole with a soft rubber windshield wiper attached to the end. At least that is what I did.

Solar panels need cleaning in the winter

It is much better to set up the solar panel system on its own, not on the roof of the house because you can optimize for the correct angle to the sun and it is very difficult to climb the roof in the winter and clean off the thick snow from your panels.
Mine is 6,000 W, 3 KW each row, and it is placed where it gets the most sun coverage throughout the year.
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