I was born in the city and I grew up in the city. Our family moved from one place to another, but always within cities.

Then I got married and traveled with my wife to various places. We both love nature and particularly the mountains.
Then one day we decided to look for a property at the mountainside and after about two years of searching, we found our dream location in British Columbia (western Canada).
We purchased a 23-acre land with a house, barn, chicken coop and garden on it.
That was just over four years ago and since then as if magic happened, we have changed – now we feel that we will never return to the city.

This blog is dedicated to our journey of homesteading, documenting what we learned (and continuously learn), plus showing the possibilities, the lifestyle, the dreams, the aspirations, the beauty of nature and its capacity to relieve stress, nurture and help us grow … with the hope that we can contribute, even if in a small measure, to help others who contemplate the move out to nature, or those who are old time homesteaders and love seeing what others of the same mind do.

To our readers, I wish you find peace and harmony in your life, that you live long and prosper!

~ Gabor Timis