Denmark Wants To Be The World’s FIRST 100% Organic Nation

Denmark wants to be organic nation
Bhutan announced its plan to become the world’s first 100% organic nation in 2013, but now it has some serious competition. Indeed, Denmark’s government recently announced its plan to become the first 100% organic nation on the planet and it has a solid plan of achieving just that.

Denmark is already the most developed country in the world when it comes to the amount of organic products it exports. The country’s national organic brand will soon celebrate its 25th year in business – making it one of the oldest organic brands in the world!

The Danish government intends to tackle the task of turning Denmark into a 100% organic country by working on two different fronts. First, it will give a boost to turn traditional farmland into organic and stimulate increased demand for pesticide-free products.
Denmark organic produce
The second part involves promoting the nation’s transition to organic. All institutions in Denmark should be on board with promoting pesticide-free, biodynamically-grown crops and produce. The first target is to ensure that 60% of food served to the public is organic. Schools and hospitals are especially expected to respect the country’s initiative.

Let us all hope Denmark succeeds and sets an example for the rest of the world to follow!

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