How To Design Your Chicken Coop And Chicken Run

Chicken coop and chicken runRaising chickens is something almost anyone can do, even in the city (if local bylaws permit it) and the results are very healthy eggs and meat. Chickens need a few things to keep them healthy and the chicken coop and chicken run is very important.
They love to scratch and enjoy the sun (mainly early morning and evening) so the best quality living space that offers both an outdoor and a shaded indoor area are vital, just as much as giving them food and fresh water every day.
There are a lot of options for the size, location, storage space and sturdiness of your coop and run you will need to know before starting your own DIY chicken coop building project. Ventilation (and insulation in northern locations) are also important aspects that must be thoroughly investigated before making a decision on the design of the coop and run. See more in the video below …

Having fresh, healthy eggs every day is your reward!

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