Italian Village Offers €2,000 To Anyone Who Wants To Move There

Italian villageThe mayor of an Italian village is offering €2,000 in cash to anyone prepared to move there to stop it becoming completely deserted. In addition, rents would be only €50 a month.
Those willing to relocate to Bormida, in the mountainous region of Liguria in north-west Italy will join just 394 other people with a promise of the simple life.
With the nearest major city – Genoa – more than 50 miles away, the village has become a bit of a ghost town and as a result.Italian villageThe mayor, Daniele Galliano, floated his idea on Facebook, and said the initiative should be ready to be rolled out in two months.Italian village

Italian villageThe news prompted many people to get in touch, and it looks like Bormida could see a population swell, according to Daily Mail

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