Old-Fashioned Seeded Watermelon Is Better!

Watermelon with seedsStudies show that watermelon seeds fight cancer, protect the heart and increase sperm count! Additionally, the seeded watermelon is sweeter than seedless!
Watermelon seeds are a new “superfood” after several recent studies show they are loaded with cancer-fighting, heart-health-promoting, blood-sugar-balancing nutrients.
A 2016 study found that watermelon seeds have a “positive impact on growth, cardio-protective effect, anti-diabetic-effect, anti-obesity , anti-ulcerogenic effect and it has also been revealed that adequate doses of watermelon seed extracts can increase sperm count.”
Another study in 2018 study finds the nutritional value of the seeds can be increased even more by sprouting, fermenting or roasting the seeds if you want to go the extra mile.
On top of these studies, many people argue seedy watermelons taste sweeter.
So, look for some seeded watermelons and try them yourself! 🙂

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