Permaculture Garden Produces 7000 Pounds of Organic Food Per Year on Tenth of an Acre

Homestead backyardFamily grows 7000 pounds of organic food per year on a tenth of an acre, supplying 90 percent of their vegetarian diet. Fifteen minutes from downtown Los Angeles, their urban permaculture garden is very efficient and productive. They spend about $2 per day per person on other kitchen staples and make over $20,000 a year selling extra produce. Quite remarkable!
Permaculture that mimics Mother Nature regenerates the soil.
When Jules Dervaes moved to his Pasadena home in the 1985, there was no soil, only adobe-like clay.Soil differencesJules and his family spent years bringing the soil back to health with rock dust, chicken and goat manure, fermented compost and effective microorganisms.
They make the most of their small space with amethod they call “square inch gardening.”
In square-inch gardening plants are packed as closely together as possible to prevent evaporation from the soil and save water.Homestead backyardMore on the next page:

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